Chimera Reverse – Special edition


To celebrate its first anniversary, Bionique Audio presents the Chimera Reverse. This limited edition features an inverted design and the use of soft clipping germanium diodes. Compared to Zener diodes, the germanium diodes drastically transform the gain level of the Chimera, for a less aggressive distortion than the standard Chimera.

Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, the Chimera Reverse distortion pedal is inspired by classic distortion pedal circuits: the Marshall Guvnor and the MXR Distortion Plus. The combination of the two circuits and the use of germanium diodes give you the flexibility to create a hard rock or blues sound characteristic of classic 70’s and 80’s albums.

You can fine-tune your sound with the Bass, Middle and Treble controls to cut or boost desired frequencies. This tone control is highly interactive and allows you to create many different voices. With these controls, you can adjust the tone to suit your setup.

The distortion switch transforms the pedal from a more transparent overdrive boost to an aggressive distortion.

This pedal requires a 9 V DC power supply with negative polarity. Any other polarity or voltage could damage the circuit.



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