Bionique Audio is proud to present the WitchKing distortion, a special collaboration with French guitarist Gaël Liger, from the metal project NZGL and co-host of the Youtube channel Le son dans les doigts. A unique distortion pedal, specially designed according to Gaël’s specifications.

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, the WitchKing distortion pedal is inspired by the Ibanez TubeScreamer and MXR Distortion+ circuits. The stacking of the two circuits allows you to achieve a high level of gain and a unique sound.

You can fine-tune your sound with the Bass, Middle and Treble controls to cut or boost the desired frequencies. This tone control is highly interactive and allows you to create many different voices. With these controls, you can adjust the tone to suit your setup.

The distortion switch allows you to significantly increase the distortion level of the pedal: from heavy overdrive to hi-gain distortion.

This pedal requires a standard 9V negative power supply.



Artistic collaboration

Gaël Liger / NZGL

Gaël Liger, is the guitarist from the metal project NZGL and host of the French Youtube channel Le son dans les doigts.

This project is a unique opportunity for Bionique Audio, to work directly with a talented artist to realise is vision : An agressive distortion with a gloomy imagery of the dark characters of J.R.R. Tolkien.