Bionique Audio presents the Boreale, a unique reverb pedal with numerous controls to create a vaste array of inspiring ambiances.

Handmade in Quebec (Canada), the Boreale pedal is designed around the Accutronics Belton BTDR-3H digital reverb module. By using several analogics op amps and diodes, this circuit gives you control on the overall volume and pre-reverb saturation of the pedal. This combinaison gives you the malleability and quality of the digital reverb system with the organic and rich texture of the analogues components, to produce all sort of creative reverb sounds.

This pedal requires a 9V DC power supply with negative polarity. Any other polarity or different voltage could damage the circuit.



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Inspired by the majestic northern lights

Bionique Audio’s Boreale Reverb gives you all the controls to create unique ambiances from bright small rooms to dark and large cavernous spaces.

The controls


This adjust the reverb length.


This is a regeneration control. It feeds the signal trails back to the reverb module to create more harmonic (ringing) reverb.


This potentiometer control the overall brightness of the reverb signal by attenuating or boosting the high frequencies of the sound coming out of the reverb module.


This knob allows you to dial-in the specific amount of reverb signal you want.


Sets the gain of the signal coming in front of the reverb module from clean to distorted.


Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Gives you the opportunity to set a volume boost when the pedal is engaged or to adjust the level set by the Saturation knob.


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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

Blood red, Dark blood