Bionique Audio presents the Desmodus, an effect pedal inspired by a classic distortion: the Proco RAT.

Handmade in Quebec (Canada), the Desmodus pedal is composed of a “stacking” of an overdrive circuit in front of the distortion circuit, allowing a huge variety of gain levels and tones. Additionally, the voicing switch allows you to radically transform the sound of the pedal: F for Fuzz and D for Distortion. Versatile, the Desmodus covers genres: Rock, Doom, Metal and much more.

You can fine-tune your sound with the Bass, Middle and Treble settings to cut or boost the desired frequencies. This tone control is highly interactive and lets you create many different voices. With these controls you can adjust the tone to suit your setup.

This pedal requires a 9V DC power supply with negative polarity. Any other polarity or different voltage could damage the circuit.



A vampiric sound

Bionique Audio’s Desmodus offers an enormous amount of usable distortion. Whether it’s Death Metal, Doom Metal or Stoner Rock, the Desmodus allows you to shape the sound that inspires you the most.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

Blood red, Dark blood